Fabio Cocurullo, Leonardo

Platinum Sponsor Interview

VP Grants Collaborations and Prototypes, Leonardo Cyber Security Division
Within Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division, Fabio is responsible for Research Projects, Prototyping and Collaborations. In this context he is responsible for the concept, prototyping of new solutions in collaboration with Universities, Research Centers and SMEs. The main development areas are related to Cybersecurity and Digitization. Fabio joined Leonardo after experiences in technology startup. With his team he participates in dozens of H2020, EDA and EDF and National Funded projects and successfully brought innovative solutions from the concept to the market. He is an active member and lecturers for Master in Cybersecurity. Fabio is chair of Working Group 6 of ECSO (European Cyber Security Organization), Vice President of the Cyber 4.0 Competence Center, member of AFCEA and involved in EU working. Fabio holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Telecommunications.