Chair: Gabriele Costa

PAIDEUSIS: A Remote Hybrid Cyber Range for Hardware, Network, and IoT Security Training
Giulio Berra, Gaspare Ferraro, Matteo Fornero, Nicolò Maunero, Paolo Prinetto and Gianluca Roascio

Hardware-based Capture-the-Flag Challenges (NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN PROCEEDINGS)
Gianluca Roascio, Paolo Prinetto and Antonio Varriale

Capture the Flag competitions for Higher Education
Giovanni Lagorio, Marina Ribaudo and Alessandro Armando

On-demand deployment and orchestration of Cyber Ranges in the Cloud
Simon Pietro Romano, Alessandro Placido Luise, Gaetano Perrone and Claudio Perrotta

Cyber Range for Industrial Control Systems (CR-ICS) for Simulating Attack Scenarios
Shaharyar Khan, Alberto Volpatto, Geet Kalra, Jonathan Esteban, Tommaso Pescanoce, Sabino Caporusso and Michael Siegel