Chair: Luigi Martino, Francesco Moro

The role of DGSP-Office IV of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the promotion of national cybersecurity companies: from cyber threats to global opportunities
Andrea Mazzella

Cybersecurity: Punish & Perish
Didier Danet

Realpolitik of small states and cybersecurity: The Philippine Perspective
Jean Linis-Dinco

Overcoming Complexity of (Cyber)War: The Logic of Useful Fiction in Cyber Exercises Scenarios
Marzio Di Feo

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Between Cybersecurity and Policymaking
Anna Pagnacco

Mind the gap: Western military theory of victory vs. cyber-attack
Lior Tabansky

Comparative Analysis of Cyber Intelligence: the Italian case
Alessia Boi

Adversarial Evolution: Competing dynamics and reactive institutional forms in financial services ecosystem
Paolo Spagnoletti, Federica Ceci and Andrea Salvi