Chair: Stefano Calzavara

A Study on Misclassication of Software Vulnerabilities when using Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms
Corrado Aaron Visaggio, Vinod P, Vishnu Ramesh, Sara Abraham, Isham Mohamed and Sonia Laudanna

Integrating a Pentesting Tool for IdM Protocols in a Continuous Delivery Pipeline
Andrea Bisegna, Roberto Carbone and Silvio Ranise

ProFuzzBench: A Benchmark for Stateful Protocol Fuzzing
Roberto Natella and Van-Thuan Pham

Damn-vulnerable Application Scanner
Gabriele Costa, Enrico Russo and Andrea Valenza

Fuzzing Binaries for Memory Safety Errors with QASan
Andrea Fioraldi, Daniele Cono D’Elia and Leonardo Querzoni

Security Testing Reuse enhancing active cyber defence in Public Administration
Christian Catalano, Paolo Afrune, Mario Angelelli, Fabrizio Striani, Giovanni Maglio and Francesco Tommasi